What to Expect

When joining a Zero-G Experience® aboard G-FORCE ONE®, you will encounter the only commercial opportunity on Earth for individuals to enjoy true weightlessness without going to space. The day of your Zero-G Experience® will last about five hours and will adhere to the following schedule:


Check-In: When you arrive at the designated Zero-G Training Facility you will check-in with your government issued picture identification. You will then be introduced to your Team Coach and escorted into the Orientation Room where you can enjoy a light breakfast before orientation begins.

Pre-flight Orientation: A pre-flight video begins the orientation covering everything you need to know concerning your Zero-G Experience®. After the video you will be broken into teams of Gold, Silver or Blue where you will be able to meet your group and cover additional questions with your Coach.

Security: After the orientation, all flyers and Coaches will proceed through security screening just like you would at an airport. Please note that carry-on items are limited and must fit in your pocket.

Transportation: Once screening is complete, all flyers will proceed to the aircraft. Transportation to G-FORCE ONE® will differ depending on the location of the flight.

Travel to Fly Zone: Before boarding, a group picture will be taken in front of G-FORCE ONE®. Once everyone is seated, a brief on-board safety demonstration will be given by the Flight Attendants before takeoff. Depending on the approved airspace, it will take about 30 minutes to reach appropriate altitude.

The Zero-G Experience®: Once the okay is given to unbuckle, all flyers will head to the Gold, Silver or Blue Floating Zone. You are now minutes away from becoming weightless. 15 parabolas are flown for an approximate weightless time of eight minutes.

Regravitation Celebration: After your weightless experience you and your fellow flyers will enjoy the Regravitation Celebration where the pre-flight photos and certificates are handed out and refreshments are provided.

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