Charter Flights

G-FORCE ONE is available for privately chartered weightless experiences.

Since launching in 2004, Zero-G has provided exciting experiences for corporate, non-profit, and family events. The Zero-G Experience® is a unique way to build memories that will last a lifetime. Express gratitude to important clients and partners or create an unforgettable group activity for friends and family. Examples of charters we have flown include company rewards and incentives, birthday parties, Weightless Wedding™, and fundraisers for charity.

Private Charter Flight: 

A private charter allows you to book the full experience for you and your guests.

If booked more than 180 days out: 

  • $195,000 USD + 5% tax (ferry fees may apply – see below) 
  • Up to 30 seats

If booked less than 179 days out:

  • $210,000 USD + 5% tax (ferry fees may apply – see below) 
  • Up to 30 seats

Section Charter

Sections are also available for purchase on our regular The Zero-G Experience® flights.

  • $82,000 USD + 5% tax
  • Up to 12 seats

For more information please contact us by phone at +1 (703) 894-2188 Ext. 2 or email us at

Flyers enjoy the thrill of weightlessness aboard a ZERO-G chartered flightA couple gets married aboard a weightless wedding charter

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