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Send all physical mail to the address below. No visitors are admitted entry without a confirmed appointment.

505 Odyssey Way, #410
Exploration Park, FL 32953

Who to Contact

The Contact Form is below, but first, how can we direct your call? When selecting “Interested In” in the Contact Form below, use these categories to help you get in touch with the right people:

  • General Information – Just got a question in general? Reach out using this option, and someone will get back to you shortly.
  • Individual Seat(s) – For customers who want to book a seat for themselves and/or their family members on The Zero-G Experience® , and would like to speak with a Sales Representative. If you do not need to speak to anyone, you can book online here.
  • Charter Flight – For customers who want to book the entire plane for their wedding, company party, or similar event. You can learn more about Charter Flights and our custom solutions on the Charter Flights Page.
  • Research Flights – For universities, governments, corporations, or individuals who are seeking to conduct serious investigations in Martian, Lunar, Zero, and Hyper gravity environments. You can learn more about Research Flights on Research Programs Page.
  • Education Programs – For educators, students, and parents who are seeking the excitement of The Zero-G Experience® but would also like to incorporate educational demonstrations and research into the experience. You can learn about Weightless Workshops and Classrooms on the Education Programs Page.
  • Media Productions – For customers who want to use Zero-G for commercials, photo shoots, television shows, and/or movies. You can find out more on the Media Productions Page.
  • Press Inquiries – All press inquiries should reach out over phone to +1 (703) 894-2188 Ext. 4

Please use the form below to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!

Prefer to speak to someone on the phone? Call +1 (703) 894-2188 Ext. 1

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