COVID-19 Safety Measures

To ensure an enjoyable and safe experience for all Flyers, ZERO-G will be implementing the following COVID-19 safety measures until further notice:

Aircraft Sanitation

G-FORCE ONE will be professionally cleaned and sanitized by a special sanitation service provider prior to each flight. During the flight, a full cabin exchange with external air will occur every 3 minutes.

Reduced Capacity

All individual passenger flights will fly with a maximum of 30 Flyers, reduced from the total capacity of 34, or 88% capacity.

Non-Flyer Guest Packages will be suspended to reduce the number of participants and total capacity in meeting rooms.

Rapid COVID-19 Test

Just before check-in, each Flyer will be administered a Rapid COVID-19 Test by a medical professional. The results can be obtained in about 15 minutes.

Flight Suits and PPE

The following measures regarding flight suits and PPE will be taken:

  • Each Flyer will be required to wear a mask
  • Wipes will be available to clean your phone if you plan to bring it on the plane
  • Flyers will then change into their flight suits prior to regrouping
  • Crew uniforms will be professionally cleaned for each flight

Motion Sickness Protocol

Our ZERO-G flight crew has spent a lot of time training for preventing the spread of germs in the event of motion sickness, and it has always been our standard procedure to move actively sick guests to the back of the aircraft.  Since we have also added masks for all Flyers, we made sure the masks could be quickly and easily removed if necessary.

Ground Transportation

Ground transportation measures shall include:

  • Ground transportation shuttles will be thoroughly cleaned prior to boarding Transport vans
  • Shuttle drivers will be checked for temperature and oxygen saturation

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