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ZERO-G Programs

$4,950 + 5% tax: The ZERO-G Experience®: Weightless flight to include 15 parabolic maneuvers creating 20-30 seconds of weightlessness each. Includes ZERO-G merchandise, pre and post flight catering, professional photos of ZERO-G Experience®, video of weightless experience and certificate of weightless completion.

$195: The Non-Flyer Guest Package: Designed for friends and family members who want to join in on the pre and post flight activities but would rather keep both feet on the ground. Includes ZERO-G merchandise and attendance at the pre and post flight orientation and Re-gravitation Celebration. Please note that guests will not be admitted into the Training Facility if a reservation is not confirmed. Select the Non-Flyer Guest Package from the Ticket Type drop-down menu once you've selected the ZERO-G Experience®.

$120: The Weightless Workshop: A 5 hour class where a strong foundation is established in areas like Newton's Laws, microgravity, parabolic flight, suborbital and orbital flights, current scientific research in space, effects of space and much more. Attendees will then create design and build a variety of in-flight experiments. Includes refreshments, ZERO-G merchandise, educational resources and experiment design materials. Does not include weightless flight.

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