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$5,400 + 5% tax: The ZERO-G Experience®: Weightless flight to include 15 parabolic maneuvers creating 20-30 seconds of weightlessness each. Includes ZERO-G merchandise, pre and post flight catering, professional photos of ZERO-G Experience®, video of weightless experience and certificate of weightless completion.

$195: The Non-Flyer Guest Package: Designed for friends and family members who want to join in on the pre and post flight activities but would rather keep both feet on the ground. Includes ZERO-G merchandise and attendance at the pre and post flight orientation and Re-gravitation Celebration. Please note that guests will not be admitted into the Training Facility if a reservation is not confirmed. Select the Non-Flyer Guest Package from the Ticket Type drop-down menu once you've selected the ZERO-G Experience®.

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