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Investing In The Future

Today’s kids will be solving tomorrow’s biggest challenges, so it’s absolutely critical that we play an active role in inspiring the next generation of STEM students.

Each year we send dozens of STEM teachers and students on a zero gravity flight, completely free of charge. Your donations are what make it possible, regardless of the amount.

A Life-Changing Experience

For teachers, these flights equip them with experience, content, and hands-on lessons that they can bring back into their classrooms.

For students, these zero gravity flights offer an eye-opening experience that prompts them to assume nothing, question everything, and inspire an insatiable hunger for answers.

Make a donation and help us send more teachers and students into zero gravity!

The Zero-G Experience®

Float like an Astronaut and fly like a superhero in weightlessness. A Zero-G Experience® is the only one of its kind.

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The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity can now be yours. Reserve your seat aboard G-FORCE ONE® today!

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Zero-G offers unprecedented access to space environments for advanced research and training at a price that will fit your budget.

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Great opportunities for educators and students are available. Learn about existing programs, or how we can help establish one for you.

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A most amazing experience. Simply beyond words.
Kenneth S.
What a hoot. I'm an 85 year old adventuresome guy who received this gift of zero gravity from my wife of 60 years for my birthday. What a birthday present!! I just had the time of my life floating around in zero gravity. A unique and unforgettable experience. My recommendation - just do it.
Alan C.
This was an awesome experience for our family, you do Mars gravity, lunar gravity and completely 0g very cool.
Jennifer T.
This was an amazingly fun experience. Took off in Newark but first left from the east side of New York by helicopter. A beautiful trip over the city was only the beginning. The staff of Zero-G was informative and personable and able to put all at ease. The feeling of being weightless was better than any high thrill ride on earth. To fly, somersault in mid air, see droplets of water rising up rather than down and get wonderful pictures of all from the Zero G photograher was better than expected. A dream come true.
Craig C.
I have flown twice with Zero-G, with the most recent trip bringing my wife and 13-year-old daughter in tow. Both times the experience was AmAzInG, and I would recommend it for any adventure-seeking individuals young and old. My daughter won't stop talking about it. There is nothing like it on Earth!
Michael T.
This was by far the most amazing experience I have had. There are NO words to describe the experience of Zero Gravity!! The crew and team did an amazing job preparing us for this incredible experience which made it all the more memorable!! This is a must do!
Lee Ann B.

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