Weightless Workshop

Whether or not you’re planning on registering for a Zero-G Experience®, consider joining us for a fun-filled day of hands-on learning about going weightless.  This ground-base, classroom-style workshop is designed for anyone interested in learning more about the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics behind zero gravity flights.

A Zero-G Instructor will assist participants in establishing a strong foundation in a variety of areas: Newton’s Laws, what is microgravity, drop towers, parabolic flight,  suborbital and orbital flights, current scientific research in space, effects of space travel on humans and much more. Participants will then create, design and build a variety of zero gravity flight experiments.

And, because the workshop aligns with several national standards for math and science, teachers earn in-service credit and students may earn extra credit for school (must be pre-approved by teacher).


  • Refreshments
  • Zero-G Merchandise
  • Educational Resources
    • DVD with videos and images of zero gravity experiments
    • Workbook (with Self-Assessment)
    • Inspire Me Documentary Video (while supplies last)
    • Space Traveler’s Handbook (while supplies last)
  • Experiment Design Materials to make and take
    • Balloon Rocket Launcher
    • Kendama
    • Moon/Mars Rovers
    • Moon/Mars Landers
    • Density Columns – Liquids and Solids
    • Scales w/ items of different masses
  • Propose, design & bring your own experiment to create on site
  • Qualify for in-service credit


Individual Program: $120.00 per person

  • Minimum participation of 30

Group Program: $6,000

  • No minimum participation required
  • Maximum participation of 60

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*The Zero-G Weightless Workshop does not include a zero gravity flight.

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