Zero-G Announces: Zero Gravity Concert Series


EXPLORATION PARK, FL – Zero-G, the world leader in zero gravity flights, recently announced their new zero gravity concerts series. The new initiative allows musicians to perform their top songs with an intimate group of fans, all while floating in zero gravity. 


“Zero gravity concerts offer an unforgettable experience for both the artist and their closest fans,” said Allison Odyssey, Zero-G COO. “Just imagine Dua Lipa singing ‘Levitating,’ while actually floating in zero gravity. As a musician how do you even begin to top that?”


Having previously hosted a private zero gravity rave, this isn’t Zero-G’s first attempt at musical performances. Although the company’s first 3 performances will focus on DJs, rap, and pop artists, they plan to eventually support full musical instrument groups in the future after some custom engineering.  


When asked about the concerts’ timing or locations, Odyssey commented “We fly all around the country, so it’s really just a matter of which date and location best suits the artist’s schedule.” 


In searching for artists who are “passionate about space” and “looking to push the boundaries of live music” the Zero-G team is already in touch with some likely candidates, Odyssey said. 


“We do expect more music groups and artists to have their team DM us and inquire about collaborating,” she added. Interested artists or music labels can also contact Zero-G at to learn more. 


“Only a fraction of humanity has ever experienced zero gravity. It’s time to change that,” says Odyssey. “And as the only FAA-approved provider of zero gravity flights in the entire country, we’re in a unique position to make that happen–one flight at a time.”


About Zero-G

Zero Gravity Corporation is the world leader in zero gravity flights. As the first and only FAA-approved provider of zero gravity flights, Zero-G does it all: Astronaut training; scientific research; corporate incentives; entertainment, TV, & film; and even public flights.


With a spotless safety record over the past 19 years, Zero-G has made the excitement and adventure of space accessible to the general public. Whether you’re a training astronaut, a scientist conducting groundbreaking research, or a civilian pursuing a lifelong dream, it all starts in the same place–a Zero-G flight.


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