Your First Step Into Space™

Zero gravity flights for astronaut training, scientific research, & public enjoyment.


Gravity Is Overrated™

Flying on our specially modified Boeing 727, you will experience true zero gravity where you can float, flip, and soar as if in space. It’s not a simulation–it’s real life, minus gravity.

Whether you’re a training astronaut, a scientist conducting ground-breaking research, or a civilian pursuing a lifelong dream, it all starts in the same place: with Zero-G.

Zero Gravity Flights For Everyone

As the only FAA-approved provider of zero gravity flights, we do it all.

Public Flights

Be an “astronaut for the day”

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Private Flights

Media production, weightless weddings, marketing campaigns, and more.

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Research Flights

Collect invaluable data for your space-based technology

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Your Own Zero Gravity Laboratory

Test your space-bound technology in Lunar, Martian, and zero gravity. You’ll collect cutting-edge data and test your technologies in a realistic environment so that you can launch with confidence when ready.

A Spotless Safety Record Over…

20 Years In Operation

800+ Flights

16000+ Parabolas

22000+ Guests

A Few Famous Flyers

    Professor Stephen Hawking
    “A zero gravity flight is the first step towards space travel…It was amazing. I could have gone on and on. Space, here I come!“
    Buzz Aldrin
    “It was exhilarating! It was great to experience both lunar gravity and weightlessness again!“
    Kate Upton
    “It’s so hard to explain how it feels…I mean you’re weightless! But I got the hang of it, and I had so much fun.“
    Logan Paul
    “It’s one of those things where I can describe it as much as I want–but until you experience [zero gravity], there’s nothing like it.“
    Martha Stewart
    “Zero-G was an amazing experience. I loved it! I only wish I could be weightless for an entire week.“
    Dr. Craig Barrett, Intel Chairman (Former)
    “Zero-G is a great product for incentives, celebrations, or education. I’ve flown twice and loved it every time.“

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    July 24, 2024 In Colorado Springs, CO

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    July 25, 2024 In Colorado Springs, CO

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    August 2, 2024 In Seattle, WA

    Private Charter Flight Available

    August 3, 2024 In Seattle, WA (Afternoon Flight)

    Private Charter Flight Available

    August 10, 2024

    Seattle, WA (BFI)

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