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Education Programs



ZERO-G is actively developing programs and partnerships that provide educators, students, and parents with the excitement of a ZERO-G Weightless Experience while incorporating planned demonstrations and advanced research.
The Weightless Workshop can be customized for a variety of groups and focused on a specific subject (i.e. history, physics, art, science, math, etc). The ZERO-G Staff member assists the group in establishing a strong foundation in a variety of areas: Newton's Laws, what is microgravity, parabolic flight, drop towers, suborbital and orbital flight, current scientific research in space, effects of space travel on humans, ZERO-G mission briefing, and much, much more.  The agenda incorporates a breakout session for small groups during which teams of participants create and build simple science experiments that may fly on a ZERO-G Weightless Flight.  
ZERO-G One Day Classroom: This combination 1/2 day ZERO-G Weightless Workshop and 1/2 day ZERO-G Weightless Flight is designed for a group of up to 36 educators, students, and/or chaperones.  Your group charters our aircraft, G-FORCE ONE, for the program.  All activities take place in the course of one day.  ZERO-G can also provide a One Day Classroom program for groups of 12 or 24 with a flight date corresponding to ZERO-G’s existing schedule. The One Day Classroom participants may utilize ZERO-G’s education flight bag with experiments.
ZERO-G Two Day Classroom: The ZERO-G Two Day Classroom offers the most in-depth, educational experience with ZERO-G. Also designed for groups of up to 36 per class, participants attend a Weightless Workshop approximately two to four weeks prior to their scheduled Weightless Flight. During the Weightless Workshop, participants initiate design of simple hand-held experiments they will bring on their flight for microgravity testing.   Then, on flight day, participants meet with ZERO-G coaching staff for a pre-flight mission briefing, their ZERO-G Weightless Experience, and post-flight re-gravitation ceremony. The Two Day Classroom participants will have in-flight access to ZERO-G’s education flight bag in addition to performing their own experiments.
The Student Research program offers a higher degree of investigation to serious minded students. In this program, students propose and design an experiment for parabolic flight testing.  Generally reserved for older student groups (high school or college), these groups propose research in advanced level chemistry, engineering, physics, etc.  In this program, students and an appropriate number of chaperones/parents may opt to fly with the research (depending on the students' ages) or have a ZERO-G in-flight scientist perform the research on their behalf. 
All programs may be customized for teacher professional development; classrooms of students (middle or high school); after school clubs (middle or high school); and college students.

education partners

      Great Lakes Science Center

      Northrop Grumman Foundation

      Purdue University - Calumet

      Space Florida


      Technological Research & Development Authority



Michelle Peters

Director of Research and Education Programs, ZERO-G

(321) 482-2964



“I am more excited, adventurous  and enthusiastic than I have been in a long time. I love science even more than before...”
- Vickie Thigpen, Educator

“I feel that I have inspired students to reach for the stars instead of the remote!”
- Karen Julian, Educator

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! This was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity - better than any content taught in the college classroom in preparation for a career in science education.”
- Carrie Cate-Clements, Educator

“I will be using this experience in my classroom until I retire! Incredible...”
- Judy Stellato, Educator

“I have been an aerospace educator for 25 years and this experience will be used in each class and workshop that I teach from now on.”
- Juliet Sisk, Educator